Artist FAQs

Where is SoundCellar? 

We’re based in Poole, Dorset, UK. Most of our gigs take place in the upstairs function room at The Grasshopper pub/restaurant (139 – 141 Bournemouth Rd, Poole BH14 9HT). We occasionally use other larger and smaller venues.

Will you feed us? 

Yes, we’ll buy you a meal and a drink at the venue up to £20 per band member. 

I noticed that most of your gigs are on a Thursday, does it have to be on this night? 

We generally like to stick to our fortnightly slot on a Thursday but we can occasionally offer another night (depending on our availability and the availability of the venue) if it helps with your tour schedule. 

Can you provide any gear for my band? 

Yes we can although no equipment is stored at the venue. We’re happy to provide some gear if it helps you but please be really clear well in advance about what you need as it can take time and work to book and collect this equipment.  

Gear we can easily provide is: 

  • 2x JBL EON powered speakers 
  • 6 input Alesis mixer 
  • TC Electonic VoiceSolo XT monitors x2 
  • AER60 amp (an acoustic guitar amp but great for vocals and keyboards) 
  • DV Mark Guitar Friend 50 watt guitar amp 
  • Sennheiser e835s mics (with on/off switch) x2 
  • Shure SM58 mic 
  • Shure SM57 mic x2 
  • Drum stool 
  • Plus all leads that you need. 

For a hire charge we can also get: 

  • Yamaha Manu Katche hip gig Drum Kit 
  • 16×16 Bass Drum 
  • 10×7 tom 
  • 13×13 floor tom 
  • 14x 5 Ludwig Supraphonic snare  
  • Yamaha hardware – 1x boom cymbal stand, 1x straight cymbal stand, 1 x hi-hat stand, 1 x snare stand, 1 x bass drum pedal 
  • Roc n Soc adjustable drum stool 
  • Drum Mat 
  • All drums have near new heads on. Coated ambassador on top, Clear ambassador on resonants. Bass drum – clear powerstroke batter, Yamaha logo head resonant.  
  • A Nord keyboard and stand (the model we can source doesn’t have a great piano sound but the Rhodes is good) 
  • A bass amp 
  • An acoustic bass (subject to availability)  

Do you have an acoustic piano? 

No but we have occasionally (as a one off) used venues that do have one. 

Can you livestream the gig? 

Yes, we livestream nearly all our gigs. Chris, our tech expert, is available for most gigs and has a couple of cameras and a few mics and we think it looks and sounds great! We sell tickets via Ticket Tailor and all the money is included in the calculations for your fee for the gig. You’re also welcome to have a copy of the whole recording. 

When can we get in the venue? 

Our usual get in time is around 5.30-6pm. If you would like to get in the room earlier we can often arrange this with the host. 

Is there parking at the venue? 

Yes there is a large free car park, just remember to register your car in the terminal in the gig room, upon your arrival. 

Can I put people on a guest list? 

We’re happy to put a couple of people on the guest list but any more and we’ll ask that they buy a ticket. 

Can I sell my CDs/vinyl and other merch and do you take a cut of the sales? 

Yes you can and no we don’t. 

Can you sort out an educational workshop for my band? 

Possibly, with plenty of notice. We have a great relationship with SoundStorm (the local music education hub) and with AB workshops and we have on a few occasions been able to connect artists with them to organise a workshop or a school performance. 

Is there nearby reasonably priced accommodation? 

Yes there are a number of reasonably priced hotels within the Poole and Bournemouth area, ranging from £35 (Travelodge) to £60 (Premier Inn) per room, with numerous other ‘chain’ and privately run hotels within this price range.  

Is there a nearby railway station? 

Yes, the nearest station is Parkstone Station on the main London to Weymouth line, with trains running at least once an hour from London Waterloo and back. The station is less than a mile from The Grasshopper (note: Poole Railway Station is one stop further on, but less than 3 miles away, if you fall asleep and miss the Parkstone stop!)