SoundCellar Evolution

The SoundCellar Evolution project.

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As many of our loyal SoundCellar patrons are aware, over the 13+ years that we have been presenting world-class artists in Poole, we have always strived to encourage and promote emerging talent, alongside more established artists. We continue to forge this path and bring some of the best live contemporary music, to people here in the South of England.  

Our recovery following lockdown, as for so many others, required us to take stock of our position and we have now set an aim to improve our programming reputation and our organisational capacity, in order to facilitate the future sustainability of SoundCellar.  

In keeping with this ‘mission’, we have recently begun a three-year project with grant help from Arts Council England (National Lottery), to further improve SoundCellar’s reach and gradually bring more young people, a more representative gender balance and more people from minority backgrounds, here to SoundCellar, both as artists and as audience members.  

One of the first steps on this road has already seen us explore new meaningful collaborations with other progressive organisations and we sincerely hope that more opportunities will emerge to attract new patrons, whilst continuing to provide our existing and much appreciated loyal followers with SoundCellar’s familiar excellence.  

In addition, we have made large strides in enhancing the quality of our livestreams, with investment in equipment and a growing expertise by the team.  We hope to reach audience members, who for a variety of reasons may be unable to attend our events ‘in-person’.  

We hope these and other initiatives linked to our SoundCellar Evolution project will help us to bring even more world-class musicians to play for us here in Dorset.  We would love for you to help us do that!