Recording – In Our Own Space: A conversation with PHILIP WATSON and BILL FRISELL

The very first interview version of In Our Own Space – our interactive online series, and what an amazing evening we have for you. PHILIP WATSON the acclaimed writer and author has just published his book Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer: The Guitarist Who Changed the Sound of American Music and we are delighted to be able to hear Philip explain why such a bold statement about the iconic guitarist, is not an exaggeration!  Using one or two key examples as illustrations during the interview, Philip will give us just a hint of why this master of his instrument is held in such high regard by peers and audiences alike, throughout the globe.

We are then extremely privileged and excited to be able to announce that a little later in the evening, the book’s superstar subject himself, BILL FRISELL, will join us to talk about…whatever you the audience decide to ask him via the Zoom chat box!  Our own man Rob will run the interviews and I’m sure he and SoundCellar’s John will have one or two of their own questions for Bill too!

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